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  • Jon Kraushaar

The importance of engagement photos

Many times I've been told "oh we don't need an engagement session" or "Why would we want to do engagement photos?" and those are good questions. 10 or 15 years ago not many people got engagement photos done. If they did they were often kind of cheesy. Now days the quality of what clients can expect is much more than before and it makes for a good compliment to a couples wedding photo's. You don't want all the artwork in your home just of you in your wedding cloths. Art pieces of you in other outfits and locations provide more balance and diversity. For example a 20X30 metal print of you both on your wedding day would be well balanced by a 20X30 metal print of you both with some great architecture or a beautiful beach behind you.

Though the biggest reason that we add an engagement session to all our packages is it allows us to build a great relationship with our clients before their wedding day. They learn what it's like working with us. The laughs, the craziness and the posing is experienced prior to the wedding. This is extremely important! Before we did this we would sometimes be meeting couples on their wedding day. Everything was done over the phone and email. The first couple hours can be a little awkward as everyone is just getting to know each other and sometimes that can come out in the photos. Now everyone gets an engagement session and by the time the wedding day comes everyone is more relaxed, knows what to expect and is looking forward to the experience. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Email us @

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