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Featuring fun, beautiful and epic images for our High School Senior Clients!

You love Italian? We love Italian! All new hand made Italian albums.

Plus new Signature art pieces featuring canvas and acrylic prints mounted on 2.3 inch stand outs from our world class Italian supplier. This is next level art pieces that most studios never offer a Senior clientele.

High school senior portraits are once in a lifetime! Why settle? This is your coming of age story and we are here to give you heirloom quality images and artwork.

All New



Ever dream of what it's like to be a model?

We provide on-site hair and make up before the shoot.

You also get one included gown rental from Rent the Runway! Pick out an amazing one of a kind piece of fashion for your shoot!

2 hours of shooting time

2-3 different locations

The only way to come of age!

This is your Time!

The Steps

Phase 1: Consultation and Planning

1. Book your consultation time quickly and easily online by clicking here and choosing a time that works for you. Both the parent/guardian and teen should both be on the consultation. We require a parent/guardian to attend all meetings and shoots.

2. Pick what kind a shoot you want!

  • The Fashion Experience ($299). The ultimate senior experience with hair, make up and fashion gown rental included. 2.5hr shoot with up to 5 outfits and up to 2-3 locations.

  • The California Dreaming ($199). 2hr shoot with up to 5 outfits and up to 2-3 locations.

  • The Quick and Easy ($99). 1hr shoot. 1 location and 1 outfit.

3. Have your consultation call. We will plan out your shoot with you and your location. Outfits, locations, what to expect and more.

4. Go shopping! This is a great opportunity for parents and teens to have a day out together and bond through this experience. Buy some fun new clothes for your shoot!

The Steps

Phase 2: The Shoot

1. Hair and Make up is a must for the girls. We don't require it but highly recommend it! If you have time stop for a mani-pedi before or the day before with mom. Again this will create a fun and memorable experience for the both of you. Get your hair and make up done by a professional the day of the shoot! If it's not in your package we can provide one for an additional fee or go to your favorite professional.

2. Bring up to 8 to 10 outfits to your shoot. We will pick through the best ones before we start. Bring accessories to go with them as well! Earrings, necklaces, shoes, etc. Bring outfits that reflect you and what you are into. In sports? Bring your uniform. You in dance? Bring one of your outfits. You get the idea!

3. Rock the shoot and have FUN! Depending on time and location we may go up to 3 different locations and have multiple outfit changes. No worries, we have a changing tent for you that we can pop anywhere we shoot! Complete privacy to change anywhere. 

Remember a parent or guardian must attend.

The Steps

Phase 3: The Reveal

1. At the end of your shoot you will book your reveal time. The Reveal is your in person photo viewing experience! The purpose of the Reveal is to view and order your prints. We do have virtual options available for out of town clients.

2. Bring some friends or family members! Especially those who may want to purchase prints for themselves. Bringing them will add to the fun and experience!

3. Check out the products! Check out our albums, acrylic prints, metal prints and canvas prints. We also have new Acrylic blocks that look amazing! 

4. Take advantage of our Reveal specials! We put together collections and give discounts based on current promotions our vendors and company are providing at the the time. We send the current promotions out after your shoot which is typically 2 weeks before your Reveal. 

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