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Want to NOT STRESS on your Wedding day? Here's how!

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Ok, this may not remove all the stress on your wedding day BUT it will help give you more time and reduce it significantly!

FIRST: Plan your wedding timeline with your venue and or coordinator, your photographer and your DJ a few month's ahead of time. Things may change a little but at least you will have a frame work of your wedding day!

SECOND: Consider doing a first look! A first look will open up a lot of time before your ceremony where you may normally be just sitting around waiting. You can take all your epic photos before you walk down the aisle and enjoy your cocktail hour!

Third: Add extra time! Give your self more than one minute to go from one place or item to the other. The grand entrance may only be a minute away after taking family photos but there's always that one person you may have to chase down for the photos and make you run behind.

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