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JK Seniors: Top 5 Recommendations for your Senior Session!

1. Relax and Have fun! Remember this is suppose to be an experience. Do fun activities with family and friends to help build up to your big shoot day. Laughing during our sessions happens through out the entire time. Make this your own! This is your time!

2. Bring Multiple outfits! I doubt you own just one outfit and I doubt only one outfit defines you. We all have different sides and things that we are into. Bring that to your shoot! Showcase who you are! Also bring at least one or more really dress up outfits! I promise you won't regret it!

3. Get your hair and make up done! Whether through our Fashion Experience shoot or on your own. The worst thing you can do is show up with bed head and no make up. Plus this also adds to the experience! Get a professional as well and now is not the time to try a wild new hair style. We all have a friend but a pro will know how to make you look amazing!

4. Bring Jewelry as well! A lot of the times this is forgotten but it ads to the personal element. Heirloom jewelry is a perfect way to showcase your legacy and your family. Especially if one day you are handing it down and your kids see you with it on in your senior portraits!

5. Get a good nights sleep and drink lots of water the nights before your shoot. No one is looking good or in the mood to take photos on 3 hours of sleep. Turn the netflix and phone off! You will thank yourself later. Also drink lots of water. It will make your skin look amazing and help you feel better during a shoot!

Those are just a quick 5 tips for you this week! Keep these in mind as you get your Senior Portraits done in the next few months! If you have questions please schedule a call with us!

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