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  • Jon Kraushaar

Spirit of the MACY Awards

I had the pleasure last Sunday to photograph the Spirit of the MACY awards which for those who don't know honors the amazing high school theatre community in Orange County and its surrounding areas. While I typically do portrait and wedding work I had to say I had a lot of fun shooting this event. Growing up as an artist in a small town there wasn't much recognition for kids like myself. Awards were usually given out to either the athletes or the smart kids but not so much for the artist types. Not that my garage band would of won many awards lol. We played so loud I don't think we heard much of anything but we loved doing it none the less. As my dad told me we sounded great about a mile down the road lol.

The talent in the performances and countless people behind the scenes who worked tirelessly to help put on these shows was inspiring. I think everyone in our community should be proud! Knowing that we have some really talented young people who are sure to go on and do great things. Spirit of the MACY did a great job recognizing these performers and investing in our community.

Thank you Jon Franklin and Sprit of the MACY! It was an honor to be a part of such a great event! I would encourage everyone to check out your local schools performances next year. I think you will be pleasantly surprise how good these kids are. Support all the young artist in your area! I know how much it meant to me growing up and impact that has. I wouldn't be doing what I love today without such support!

To celebrate the Spirit of the MACY I have a couple links below. One is 50% off our senior portrait session fee this week only! Ends Sunday June 4th so take advantage of a great offer! If you miss the deadline click anyway and sign up to our email list to learn about future promotions and give a ways!

Also here is the link to the public photo album of the event. This is a temporary album so check it out soon! I'm giving 50% and more on gift print sizes (4X6, 5X7 and 8X10's) for those who want to purchase prints. Act now as this offer will expire after June 4th as well and pricing will return to normal gift print pricing afterwards.

Awesome job Spirit of the MACY and all the local High Schools putting on these amazing performances!


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