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Should I still be planning my wedding during these crazy times?

This is a question that every bride and groom is probably asking themselves right now. We are all facing a situation that none of us have probably ever faced before. First and foremost health and safety at this moment is priority but finding the positives during this time is something we should all be trying to do. Like all things this too shall pass and life will continue. Every situation is going to be different but for most people I would not stop planning your wedding. If anything use this time to really dive into the planning process. Write out all the things that you really want and research them. How often does life slow down enough for you to really do some planning? Obviously if you are in a field that is an essential business this might not be your situation and if you are I give you a sincere THANK YOU for everything you are doing! For the rest of us at home we get a little more time. So yes keep planning!

The biggest reason is that all the weddings that were suppose to happen now are now being rescheduled to later dates. If you are in the planning stages that will mean less dates available for you to get your preferred vendors! So if you have stopped planning and reaching out to wedding vendors there is now a greater chance that when you do they will be even less likely to be available. So my advice is to be more proactive than before. We live in a digital age where Skype, Zoom, FaceTime allow us to still do virtual meetings. I've been utilizing those tools to do consultations myself. Venues will be a little harder so hopefully you've booked your venue or have at least visited it in the past and know you love it. If you love it and want it there then I recommend booking the location. Then work on getting the photographer, DJ and Videographer if you want video. These vendors can still be booked and virtual consultations should be an option for most of them. There may even be some florist out there willing to show flower arrangements over video calls. Cake and tastings are a little more tricky but reach out to your vendor you choose to see if they have pick up options/deliveries or other ways for you to choose and do tastings. Most industry calls I have been on lately have told me everyone is still working (from home) and are ready to help you! So now is the time to take advantage of the situation. You never know you may get it all done so early you may have less stress planning! Silver linings!

Stay healthy and safe! We will get through this! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or email me at

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