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Meet your first heirloom!

Jon Kraushaar Signature Series Album

Welcome to your first heirloom! The Jon Kraushaar Signature Series Album!

I am really excited to be launching my Signature Series products and packages!! Here is a sneak peak of my Jon Kraushaar Signature Series Albums. Hand made and crafted in Italy by the finest wedding album makers in the world. It features real Italian leather, beautiful acrylic covers, and thick metallic pages that give a beautiful dimension to your wedding photos. It is truly a piece of art and for that bride that loves high fashion! With many customization options this is deeply personal album that will showcase your day and your personality for you to show the world. The album comes in sizes up to an amazing 18X24 inches (shown above) or smaller. You pick the size that suites you and with no additional cost. It comes in a custom hand made leather box that makes for a breath taking art piece! The Jon Kraushaar Signature Series is for those who want only the finest in photographic art pieces! Call today for more details!

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