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3 Types of Photo Shoots Every Bride Should Know About

When it comes to wedding photography there is more to consider than just your wedding day photos. There are other wedding photo sessions you will want to consider that can help take a lot of stress away on the wedding day. You'll be nervous and focused on looking your best and having to make sure you are always photo ready can just add to the anxiety. Here are three additional photo sessions you’ll want to consider.

1. Pre-Wedding Bridal Session

This is not one many brides think about, but it can be highly beneficial. A pre-wedding bridal session is more of a dress rehearsal for the bride. You get to see how all the accessories and details of your bridal attire work together before the big day, which means you have some time to change what you might not like and even notice alterations that need to be made. This can be a huge stress relief for because on the wedding day you won't be anxious about looking picture perfect or making sure all the little details are captured since you know you already have a wide range of stunning images of you in your dress.

2. Engagement Session

Some couples may consider skipping the engagement session but this is a great opportunity to work with your photographer prior to your wedding. An engagement session is a great way for you to become more relaxed while working with your photographer. Plus, you'll get a lot of great images that you can use for save the dates, thank you cards, guest book, gifts and much more.

3. Bridal Session

Bridal sessions were a huge trend a few years back where brides would let loose in the wedding dressing, it was also referred to as the 'trash the dress' session. A bridal session can serve as a great way to have a little more fun in your wedding attire without the constant worry that if it gets a little dirty your wedding day will be ruined. These sessions are also ideal for those who have unfavorable weather on their wedding day or for those who schedule an evening wedding.

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