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JK Seniors: Should I Book a Senior Session in Uncertain Times?

With everything going on right now a lot of people are wondering if they should even get senior photos? Weather you book with us or another photographer I would urge you to still get them done. Yes, it does help our industry which has taken a huge hit during the pandemic but most importantly do it for the SENIOR! Senior year is once in a lifetime! A lot of things will eventually start to slowly opening up. We provide hand sanitizer and and take precautions as things start to go back to normal. A lot of photographers are really flexible so if you are booking now and need to change the date due to lock down extensions that is fine. We are all in this together but the worst thing we can do is let all this take away that coming of age moment that every Senior deserves! Schedule a call with us today to talk more. Because our seniors are worth it!

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