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JK Seniors: Senior shoots are a great mother and daughter bonding experience!

Now maybe not so much for boys and parents. Since most guys are just showing up to get mom off his back but for moms and daughters it can be a great bonding experience. A few quick ideas to make this an even more and amazing experience for you both.

First take a girls day out before the shoots!

* Spa day: Reserve some time at your favorite spa together!

* Get a mani/pedi!

* Go to lunch: Spend some quality time together reflecting on past memories, what the future and of course how excited you are for the upcoming senior shoot!

* Hit the salon! Nothing like getting your hair done! Though this is not the time to try some crazy new hair cut or hair color. Stick to what you know you love!

* Go clothes shopping! Now is the time to get some new clothes!

The feedback we have got from moms and daughters who have done some of these activities together has been amazing. It adds to the build up to the shoot and allows you both to spend quality time together before senior year is over and college is here. Plus it makes seniors feel more confident and they enjoy the shoot more when they have done all this.

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