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  • Jon Kraushaar

High School Seniors! What to wear?

One of the things I get asked most by not just our High School Seniors but every session is what do I wear?! For this post though I am going to focus on our Seniors. For a typical senior session I'm looking for around 5 outfits. We may or may not use them all but I like around 5. It's about diversity and showing off different sides of your personality! Every outfit should be you. What I mean by that is it should represent who you are as a person. If you don't wear dresses then don't! If you don't like athletic shoes then don't wear them! Typically I do like at least one dress up/ night on the town/ prom type outfit but if you don't like that then don't bring it. At the end of the day your senior portraits are for you. Most people do like to dress up though so for those individuals we like to to showcase that side as well.

If you like accessories then bring them to match your outfits! Sentimental items are even better! I have a few heirloom rings that were passed down to me that I like to use for pictures sometimes. You may too! Some people hate that so if that's not you then don't force it.

If you are into sports or hobby's then this is a perfect time to show it off! Bring your sports uniform! If you love horses then bring your riding outfit you love. Theses are all things that reflect you and what you did during High School. For me I was a BMX racer. I had a full racing uniform that would be perfect for these types of photos.

We always recommend hair and make for Senior shoots. Still if having curls in your hair isn't you then don't do it. The last thing you want is to look at your senior photos and not have it be who YOU are! Don't get a new haircut before the shoot unless that's your normal hair cut. This goes for both guys and girls. When you show up for your Senior portrait session make sure you look your best but most important make sure you show up representing who YOU are! :)

We hope this helps!

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