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  • Jon Kraushaar

Announcing JK Seniors!

I am proud to announce JK Seniors from Jon Kraushaar Photography. Our new line of products and services geared towards High School Seniors! Our new signature album for seniors is hand made in Italy like our Signature wedding album. It comes in a 10X10 inch size with a display frame so it can be displayed in the home as it's own art piece. Seniors can pick from a large variety of colors to make it truly personal. We are also adding custom Facebook timeline templates, Instagram profile displays and more for the truly social teen. Packages will feature traditional high end canvas art pieces as well as modern metal and amazing acrylic art pieces. Senior portraits happen once in a life time and JK Seniors is here to capture this moment so you can enjoy it for generations!

Check out our new JK Seniors Social media sites and follow today!

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