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  • Jon Kraushaar

5 Quick Tips for looking your best on your Wedding day!

Tip 1: Don't wash your hair the day of!​

Wash your hair the night before, not the morning of, to get maximum lasting power the day of the wedding. Freshly washed hair doesn't shape well or last as long.

Tip 2: Hydrate!

Hydrate! Make sure to drink plenty of water 48 hours before your wedding so that your skin stays hydrated to boost that bridal glow

Tip 3: The right product!

Volumizing products are great for your wedding day because they swell the cuticle of your hair giving you maximum volume and lift. You will want to avoid any oil based products that will lessen the life of your beachy waves.

Tip 4: No on the facial!

Avoid facials within 2 weeks of your wedding day. Facials can bring the impurities to the surface of your skin and cause breakouts

Tip 5: Deep condition!

One week prior, get a deep conditioning treatment for your hair which will give you shiny healthy looking hair on your wedding day.

Tips brought to you by our Hair and Make up partners at Salon Maison!

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