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Senior Session Prep Guide

Use this guide to help prepare you for your senior portrait session. If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can email us or if you'd like to book a quick call we can do that too!

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Tip 1

Looking Your Best!

For girls we highly recommend getting your hair and make up professionally done before the shoot. Make up should be a neutral tone and even to give a natural look. Ask for a sweat proof make up as well. If you are thinking about a drastic hair change or make over now may not be the time. We recommend keeping your hair how it is and having a classic styling to it that will stand the test of time.

Guys we recommend being groomed with a natural hair style that represents you. Most of all stick to what's true to who you are! Drastic changes before taking professional pictures can sometimes end with you not liking the way they look because it doesn't represent who you are.

Getting plenty of rest and being well hydrated the night before is also highly recommended. This will ensure your skin will look it's best on your big photo day!

**For girls we recommend bringing touch up make up.**

Tip 2


For the ladies we recommend bringing about 10 outfits at least. Guys we recommend about 5 or 6. We will choose 3-4 outfits from what you bring for the shoot. Not all outfits will be used but it's good to have choices. Also bring multiple pairs of shoes and different types. Also a variety of jewelry for the girls as well. This way you have a lot of different looks and diversity for your pictures. While some types of baggy clothing may be in style we do not recommend it. Baggy clothing will make people look a lot larger on camera and is not very flattering. Form fitting for the individuals body type works best. Please bring at least one of the following:

1. At least one solid white and one solid black shirt

2. For girls a couple pairs of heels

3. At least one casual outfit

4. At least one dress up outfit. For girls a cocktail or evening type dress. For guys a dress shirt and nice slacks. Think going out on the town.

5. A lot of teens are into sports, dancing and a lot of other activities. If you have outfits that represent those activities please bring them as well! 

6. We recommend more solids rather than lots of prints. Prints can sometimes date the photos as well. Unless its a favorite outfit and truly represents the individual.

7. Please Iron your clothes! 

Wrinkled clothing never looks good and especially in your photos. Please make sure all outfits are wrinkle free, clean and ready to look there best!

At the end of the day we are trying to give lots of different looks and diversity to the pictures so that you have plenty to choose from. Plus it makes the shoot a lot more fun!

Tip 3

Make it an experience and HAVE FUN!!!

This is a great opportunity for parents and their teens to bond and both have a great experiences. I encourage having an afternoon out shopping together, day at the spa, lunch and other fun activities leading up to the shoot. The day of the shoot going to get hair and make up done also adds to the fun of the experience. 

This time in everyones life only comes once! Make the most of it and really enjoy it! The photos and artwork created from this shoot will last not only a life time but for generations. 

Your time is now!



Plan for a 2 hour in person Reveal session two weeks after the shoot. You will receive an email immediately after the shoot to set up a date if we weren't able to at the end of the shoot and also explain the expectations for the meeting. You will also receive in the email packages and pricing. The packages offer some great discounts and often change as they are tied to specials our vendors are running and expire the night of the Reveal. 

The purpose of the Reveal session is to pic photos and purchase photos. Remember there is no minimum purchase. So just pick what you want and enjoy a fun relaxing time with us reliving your shoot! You are also encouraged to bring family members who would like to view and purchase photos as well. We find this can add to the fun and excitement of the Reveal! It's all about the experience.

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