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Get dressed up in your best prom looking outfit or your actual prom dress! Do it up cause you want to look your best!!

Plus its a fun way to pass all the time spent at home!


Take selfies or have someone take your pic(s) then post them on your instagram and tag us @jkseniors with #Iwantmyprom2020


If we like your photos we will repost on our instagram the next day and tag you. Have all your friends like the photo on our page. The top photos with the most likes WIN!


If you win you and 3-4 of your friends can get dress up for a free photoshoot in your promo outfits this summer after all this is over! Each of you will event get a free 8x10 

prom 2020

More info:

Class of 2020 definitely did not have the ending to their senior year that they deserved. Due to the recent pandemic most seniors this year will not be able to go to their prom, grad night and other activities that the rest of us get to experience or have experienced. We have been really impressed with a lot of the positivity we have seen online from the class of 2020. Even knowing that they will not get to have prom, etc they still are positive and supportive of each other. So we want to help!


To help give the class of 2020 in the Orange County area the prom photos that they would of had in those amazing dresses and all dressed up we are going to give away a series of mini sessions for you and 3-4 of your friends after the pandemic is over (hoping June or July)!


We also want to have a bit of fun while we are all sitting at home. 


So here is how you enter! Get dressed up in your best prom look. This can be your prom dress or something like a prom dress. Give us your best look and have fun with it!


Take some selfies or have mom take your pics and post them on Instagram and tag @jkseniors with the hash tag #Iwantmyprom2020!


We will then take the best photos (not every photo but the best photos so you'll need to put some effort into it) and we will post them on our Instagram for everyone to vote on. So have your friends and family go vote for your pic by liking it!


The top photos with the most likes will get a free mini session for them and there friends to dress up and get professional photos taken. We will even throw in a free 8x10 you and each of your friends!


This will run now until April 30th, 2020! Parents Permission and involvement is required to participate.


Have some fun with it and stay safe!!

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